The benefits of applying our strengths at work

There are plenty of good reasons to discover and apply our strengths at work.

In our latest post, we bring you 8 benefits, all supported by research.

  1. Creative and agile. When you use your strengths, you activate feelings of vitality and concentration, adding up to a more creative and proactive mindset at work.
  2. More engaged and satisfied at work. Feelings of authenticity are higher, and the opportunity to apply your strengths at work results in higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.
  3. More confident. Awareness and application of strengths links positively with self-esteem, acceptance, efficacy and confidence.
  4. Less stressed. Being able to leverage your strengths creates a natural buffer against stress.
  5. Happier and more satisfied with life. People using their strengths just once a day report lower levels of depression, higher levels of positivity and stronger metal health overall.
  6. Faster growth and development. Growth potential in areas of your strengths is more substantial than in areas of weakness.
  7. Feel healthier and have more energy. Healthy behaviours such as good eating habits and an active lifestyle are associated with applying your strengths.
  8. Sets the ground for better teamwork. And that’s the result of all the individual benefits stacking up!

What are your strengths? Are you applying them at work?

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