RoundUP #9

Big city, smaller town, or something in-between? 

Our latest poll was a popular one. Maybe that was down to the fact that we asked our question and then posted a picture of Geoff’s hometown (Geoff Sims is the Founder and a Director of Round Recruitment). Richmond, North Yorkshire is picturesque, countrified, not exactly small but then not exactly big either. Geoff runs Round from his hometown of Richmond and Roundees work flexibly from across the globe.

The push for more meaningful work has been coming up quite a lot. But have we started to exercise more choice in terms of where we work? And is there a shift away from ‘big city’? Those were some of our musings.

Here are the results of the poll.

Do you feed off the energy of the big city? Or like me, enjoy living in the country?

Love the energy of a big city                    25%

Smaller town vibe suits me                       31%

Something in-between                              44%

What people said, (a real mix)!

I love visiting cities, either on vacation or when facilitating or speaking at a conference, however, love getting back to Bournemouth, for the coast and Dorset countryside. Living the dream. – Nick

Well, I guess I know no different coming from Liverpool and the only other place I have lived was LA, so I guess I’m a city chick at heart. – Tracy

I’m all about the beach these days Geoff….but then again it’s Scotland so not exactly tropical 🌴😊 – Mags 

More opportunities for remote working is fabulous to allow people who enjoy the town/village/country life to live it to the full, without constant lengthy commutes. Although a nice commute through the countryside is lovely in the Summer – less so the Winter! – Nikki 

I moved to Newcastle for around 8/9 years which was amazing – however, I’ve recently just relocated back to a village in Nottinghamshire. The quieter life is more suited to me as I near my 30th …That being said, I’m back in Newcastle every month for work – so I get to experience it still on a regular basis. It’s a great city! The balance between both is perfect.

We have a lovely lake to walk the dogs around! – John

Small town vibes all the way. – Nadia

True wealth is something that sums up money + time + health. Agree?

What’s your hometown?

Opportunities 😊

*  360 consultant / coach / trainer. London based. Not a hybrid role! 4% placement as a resource, 10% as an account manager, 20% as 360 degree.

*   Proven perms consultant / branch manager designate with 2 years of billing experience. This office handles commercial/industrial/skilled technical. Base 30k. Comms 17,5% from 6k to 30% upwards of 10k. Oldbury, West Midlands. Great pension scheme.

*   360 degree #recruiter with 2 years + for high-growth digital tech recruitment partner – #AI#Cleantech#Cyber#Fintech, Pub Sector & Telecoms). Short working week – Enhanced maternity pay – Paid charity day – Top-ranked wellbeing package – Advanced tech tools and Incentive trips! The role? Virtual and in-person training programs for upcoming 360’s across the business.

Something you like? Chat to Geoff on 0785 030 0789

Or register your interest on our webpage These are just a few of our latest opportunities!

Until next time,

The Round Team.

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