RoundUP #7

In our last newsletter, we spoke about how we are facing the tightest squeeze on living standards since modern records began. Employees are losing an average of 4% of their pay in real terms this year. What an opportunity this could present to fine-tune and innovate working conditions to meet employee and employer needs. Especially if we want to hang on to the talent we need to thrive through our perpetually uncertain times!

Our poll this week was putting a toe in the water in terms of what’s happening out there: are companies changing return to work policies to meet needs and retain top talent?

Almost 80% of you think so.

Is the fear of losing top talent forcing companies to review their return to work policy?

Yes                   79%

No                    21%

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with significant resistance when he pushed for a harder return to work. Some staff just threatened to leave, staff that were obviously too precious to let go. That forced a rethink. It seems that not everyone wants to a return to work, especially in light of rising costs and some proof that hybrid models can work with testing and tweaking.

Allowing people more freedom and flexibility around their work delivers real benefits. Companies stand to attract a wider pool of talent and fixed office costs are reduced, freeing up resources that could be better spent in other ways. A powerful message is also sent – employers recognise and support demands that sit outside of work. In turn, this builds loyalty, and commitment, and feeds productivity. Going the extra mile is more attractive when your employer understands you have a life beyond work that matters to you.

But what happens when you seek more freedom than your employer wants to give, and there’s no shift to accommodate, do all employees have the right to more freedom? Or should some limits be imposed?

We’d be interested to hear what you think.

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Parting shot

Finding great talent in a market dominated by candidate shortages can be tough.

Job Adder, the recruitment software providers, have compiled a handy list of 20 strategies for 2022.

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