RoundUP #6

RoundUp 6th edition

As always, we start our newsletter with a roundup of our latest poll.

Are rising travel costs influencing decisions to work predominantly remote and come into an office less?

Yes: 81%

No: 19%

According to Duncan Brown, we are facing the tightest squeeze on living standards since modern records began in 1955. After a decade of intermittent real pay cuts, employees now face losing an average of 4% of their pay in real terms this year. Price inflation has shot through the roof, up 10 times from 12 months ago.

In our last newsletter, we said some companies are opting for a comprehensive re-onboarding as employees ‘return to work’. Becoming re-acquainted with who we have become is important – as all of us have changed in some way since the global pandemic hit. To build the strong relationships that research has shown increase trustworthy behaviour sixfold, new mechanisms are necessary. It seems we may need to rethink that phrase ‘return to work’ too, as constantly shifting landscapes confirm many of us will never physically return to the five-day-a-week workplace we had once known.

We have a real opportunity to craft (as employers) and to seek out (as employees or job seekers) the kinds of working conditions that make most sense for everyone. That is going to be a major factor influencing our decision about what work we choose into the future.

On that note…

The latest rec2rec opportunities

Are you thinking about making a move? We have opportunities for recruiters in a range of specialisms including IT, Finance and HR. These are nationwide, as well as in Orlando and New York. Most offer hybrid working and impressive comms structures.

Our belief is that we can set people up to do their best work. So let’s chat about the work and working conditions you have your heart set on and see what match we find? A link to register on our website is below.  

Parting shot

You know we are members of One Percent for the Planet, right? At Round Recruitment, we commit at least one percent of our annual sales to environmental non-profits. It’s our small but consistent way of tackling the planet’s most pressing issues, which we care about. Put simply, One Percent for the Planet brings people together to increase smart environmental giving.

We have a business membership – but did you know that you can support what you care about through individual membership? There are thousands of recognized non-profits in the One Percent network. Just one percent of your annual salary can go to partners and causes you feel passionate about. We can do more together. Watch this 2 -minute clip to learn more.

Until next time,

The Round Team.

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