RoundUP #5

Here we are – this is the fifth edition of RoundUp already!

Your next role, would it be…

In the office full-time: 8%

Homeworking: 26%

A mix of both – hybrid: 66%

A total of 602 people voted in our latest poll. And the clear front runner is hybrid, again. Only 8% of people voted to be ‘in the office’ five days a week. And a quarter could do with home working only.

Ron Carucci penned the following in a late 2021 Business Harvard Review article:

The last 18 months have changed all of us in some way. Our values and priorities have shifted. Our senses of meaning and purpose have broadened.

Some companies have opted to do a comprehensive re-onboarding of everyone in the organisation. The primary driver behind this is to level the playing field, taking account of the need to become re-acquainted with who we have become so that we are able to build back trust more quickly. In one approach, two days of round-robin conversations were fed by a series of prompts. Examples of these are:

  • The most significant thing that’s different about me since the pandemic is…
  • The thing that most concerns me about returning to work…
  • I am most excited for …
  • I need help in this way to be successful…
  • The contribution I can make to your success is…

Invest in building relationships in your team but also focus on the weak ties of cross-functional teams, advocates Carucci. His 15-year study of cross-functional relationships has shown how trustworthy behaviour increases sixfold where relationships are strong.

It is a great opportunity to refresh and reinvent relationships in our organisations.

How do you see it?

Exploring what’s out there

Are you thinking about making a move?

We have opportunities in Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Reading, as well as in New York, Orlando, and Cape Town!

We are looking for specialists in:

  • The Built Environment
  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT
  • IR
  • Office/Business Support

If you are an experienced recruiter and looking for a reliable, transparent, and honest advisor to assist you in your search for a new opportunity, perhaps you will consider Round. We believe in setting people up to do their best work, and we will tell you when we don’t think the timing or the opportunity is in your best interest.

We are proudly 1% for the Planet members, turning our values into action by supporting environmental non-profits working on today’s most pressing climate issues. Be inspired by their amazing work here:

Until next time.

The Round Team.

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