RoundUP #12

In this latest edition of Roundup, our first in a while, we’re curating articles on our radar with a few key takeaways.

Here goes.

1.    The LinkedIn Future of Recruiting Report 2023

53% of in-house recruiting pros predict their recruiting budget will decrease of stay flat this year, and 60% say their employer branding investments will increase.

Generative AI (tools like ChatGPT that intelligently generate content – or at least are supposed to) will let recruiters focus on the human part of hiring, by saving their time spent on drafting job descriptions and personalising messages for candidates. Instead, they can now listen more to candidates to better understand their desires and help them find a job they feel good about.

 Recruiters are likely to need a more strategic set of soft skills: communication most important over next five years coming in at 78% (no surprises there), relationship building at 73% (still no surprises), adaptability at 58% and problem solving at 53%.

A sign of the times we’re living through? 

2.    The 12 Part Beginners Guide to using CHATGPT for Recruitment

Prompts, guides, personas, candidate screening, and more, in this post from Andy Headworth, given AI is poised to play a prominent role in our future.

3.    Tech use in recruitment and workforce planning

CIPD’s guidance on how tech can be leveraged to support different stages of recruitment, including common risks and a great set of guiding principles, and, advances in AI with implications for people professionals. 

4.    UK Workforce Most Dissatisfied in Europe

Can the UK rate of engagement at work really only be 10%, ranked 33 out of 38 among peer countries? To tackle widespread disengagement, businesses need to be championing employees and giving them the right tools and resources to be productive and purposeful. And so, on that note…

5.    How to find your sense of purpose at work.

A parting shot from TED Ideas: is your work a calling? Short-term, immediate goals may not be enough to motivate us to correctly. We love the metaphor of purpose as a jigsaw puzzle – purpose is like the picture on the cover of the puzzle box. There many pieces that come together to form a whole, and it takes some experimentation to see what fits.

Don’t panic if a clear vision doesn’t immediately present itself. Purpose is ongoing and iterative — it’s a process of seeing what works, and what doesn’t, for you and your life. – Leah Weiss.

Until next time…

The Round Team.

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