RoundUP #11

If you were looking to change jobs, what would you want most from a recruiter?

A wide range of opportunities       20%

Honest feedback and input            53%

Targeted & strategic approach      27%

This is the response from our latest snapshot poll. We had 182 votes. Top of the list: …. Honest feedback and input. Do these results surprise you? It was interesting for us to see it showing up twice as much compared with the other options we offered.

The skill of honest feedback and input is essential for recruiters. To do the very best work of your life and to build the best relationships of your career, you need it. A lot.

Kim Scott wrote a whole book on this topic called Radical Candour. It is based on her experience leading teams at Google and Apple. She frames it in a way that we think is useful. To show radical candour you need to have the courage to challenge directly and to care personally. It is saying what you really think but in a way that lets others know you care. From this viewpoint, being willing to disagree can be a great sign of respect.

In order to succeed, you have to Challenge Directly. It does not mean that whatever you think is the truth; it means you share your (humble) opinions directly. Radical Candour happens when you put these two things together to give feedback that’s kind, clear, specific and sincere. – Kim Scott

Challenging directly is about sharing your (humble) opinions directly, without blaming, judging or estranging. Great recruiters can and do deliver tough messages because they know that these messages help in the long run. Caring personally means bringing your humanity to your work. Knowing what matters to someone on a human level gives insight into what matters to them, and what their dreams are. Again, another essential part of a recruiter’s job.

The alternatives to radical candour are ruinous empathy (caring a lot but never challenging), obnoxious aggression (caring little and challenging a lot) and manipulative insincerity (caring little and challenging little). None of these secures favourable outcomes for everyone involved.

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