RoundUP #10

Our tenth newsletter, already!

We see signs that the recruitment market is turning. Our clients and candidates see them too. So we asked you on LinkedIn what you think the key indicators are.

Here are the results:

More candidates in the market      29%

Tougher package negotiations      46%

Less vacancies                                   25%

There are definitely more candidates in the market, we can see this through activity on our jobs boards. But really interesting for us is the frontrunner of tougher package negotiations. Is the rising cost of living driving this? Perhaps fatigue with the way things are after Covid, and a push for more cadence between work and life? Are those who have a choice starting to leverage it? And how long will we be at this tipping point?

The latest Microsoft Work Trend Index Report (20 000 people in 11 countries) found that the number of meetings per week has increased a whopping 153% globally for the average Teams user since the start of the pandemic.

“The strain is clear,” wrote Microsoft in the report.  The number of hours worked, meetings attended (and tentatively accepted), and other activity metrics have soared. It seems we are caught in a productivity paranoia, with a staggering 48% of employees and 53% of managers reporting already feeling burned out. We are under pressure to prove we are working, and the digital overwhlem is stacking up. Added to this, some leaders and managers are struggling to trust their people in a remote working setup – 85% of leaders had this challenge! And only 12% said they have complete confidence that their remote/hybrid teams are productive.

Now we know that spending time together enhances those bonds of loyalty and trust that we call social capital, the kind of investment that pays high dividends. And also that many employees do want to come to the office to see each other. But will top talent start to carve out the conditions that suit them best, possibly a good mix of in-office and remote, and shape the industry in their wake?

All eyes are on the next 2-3 months. We think we will see some more significant shifts in the recruitment market!

A bit of fun: visualise your thinking in 15 questions and 5 minutes  

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