Meet the Team: Nic Purcell

Welcome to the third of our Meet the Team series!

Today we are happy to introduce Nicola Purcell, a dynamic and accomplished professional whose dedication to the industry is leaving a lasting impact.

Here’s Nic …

Tell us about you. How long have you been in recruiting and what’s your focus? 

I’ve been in agency recruitment now for … wow what seems like an age.  Reality 10 years.  My background is in Financial Services and Banking and as part of a location move, I fell into my 1st recruitment role dealing with Financial Services and Estate Agency Recruitment.  Since moving out of this my niche has been more Industrial and Commercial temporary and permanent supply around the North and Midlands. 

Why did you join Round Recruitment?

After working my way from Recruitment Consultant to Senior, Branch Manager, and Area Manager, I decided I needed more of a work-life balance. For those who know temp industrial, it’s a 24/7 role. Also, working within the Food Industry in Covid, I felt the time was right to look at my years of building recruitment skills and experiences to use them in a different way. Round Recruitment gives me the opportunity to help other agencies gain fantastic new team members as well and gives me the work-life balance I require.

What’s a crazy thing that you love to do?

I’ve been fairly independent from a very young age and love to live life to the fullest!  I always say ‘if it’s legal and ethical then do it’.  I love to visit new places, at the drop of a hat if I can. I love to try and learn new languages and cultures, which can be very difficult now I’m a bit older.  I get married this year at the top of one of Spain’s tallest buildings, so that won’t be for the faint-hearted!

What habit, skill, or behavior has significantly improved your life?

I think coming from a Banking and Finance background I am very organised and process driven.  I believe if you build on solid foundations with the right behaviours, procedures, and attitude you can’t go far wrong!

What’s your one piece of advice for recruiters?

I think there are 2 elements to this…

One, for candidates: keep an open mind when looking for a new role as you never know what an opportunity can bring.

Second, for clients: this is a fast-paced environment. So if you interview a candidate you like and would fit into your business well – time is key!

To find out more about Nic, find her on LinkedIn here.

Or, contact the Round team to find out what we can offer you:

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