Meet the Team: Geoff Sims

Welcome to our a series of blog posts where you get to meet the team behind Round Recruitment, a good honest northern founded rec2rec dealing with the whole of the UK.

First up is the boss, and Founder of Round Recruitment, Geoff Sims.

For those of you who know him, Geoff is a highly knowledgeable, thoroughly kind, down to earth, straight talking mainstay of the recruitment industry. His many years of experience in the UK and mainland Europe includes 18 years at managing director level. 💥

Now that we have told you why we call him boss, let’s get straight to the questions we asked him…

Tell us about you – how long have you been in recruiting and what is your focus?

I started in recruitment in December 1984, so almost 40 years! My current focus within Round is client generation across the whole of the UK and candidate generation in the London area. 

Why did you start Round? 

I was bored! Rec2Rec  firms have a mixed reputation I wanted to provide an ethical high quality alternative to the market.

What is a crazy thing that you love to do?

I am a bit beyond crazy things now! I enjoy clay shooting and golf but don’t do enough of either. I also love motorbikes but since a recent downsize have let the collection go.

What new habit, belief or behaviour has most improved your life?

Wow that’s a hard question to answer.

As I have aged, my ego has diminished and my attitude to others has changed. I have always demonstrated empathy but did not listen enough or try and see through others eyes to attempt to fully understand the given situation. I try and assess from all angles now and don’t judge so much. 

One piece of advice for recruiters …

The best recruiters must work hard and create their own luck so don’t give up is a given. Focus on what is likely to bring you success as it is very easy to waste time on unnecessary interaction. Finally, trust your instincts. They wont let you down.

That’s actually 3 pieces of good advice, thanks Geoff!

Here’s a testimonial from Julia, on her experience of working with Geoff:

“I want to share a thank you for your help throughout this process. I really commend you Geoff on your professionalism and how supportive you have been.

I would definitely recommend Geoff to anyone who is currently looking for recruitment-based work as you can instantly tell this is something that Geoff cares for and that he genuinely wants to help candidates find a job they’re happy with. Geoff is extremely knowledgeable about the current market and can offer brilliant advice about different industries. Thank you for all your support and time! 🙂


To find out more about Geoff, find him on LinkedIn here.

Or, contact the Round team to find out what we can offer you:

Until next time.

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