Meet the Team: Gaylin Jee

How long have you been in recruiting and what is your focus?

Well, I’ve been in the ‘people’ space for years and years, but never worked directly in recruiting. I worked for the Chartered Institute of People and Development designing and running solutions for HR practitioners and line managers, and latterly running programmes of research into sustainable performance in organisations. My work with leaders and teams is about identifying and liberating the diversity of talent required to create a better tomorrow. I use novel tools in my work such as The GC Index and LEGO Serious Play. I’ve run the social media feeds for Round and write the blogs. But heads up, the energetic Annie took some of the reins in late 2023 (and she’s next in this blog series!)

Why did you join Round?

I joined Round as a co-founder based on the invitation of one Mr Geoff Sims. I’ve always held Geoff in high regard, not just for his long and prosperous track record in the industry, but because of who he is as a person, frank, perceptive, kind, and very focused. He just tells it like it is!

What is one crazy thing you like to do?

There are a few, how about sleeping open under the stars in the central Kalahari with lions roaring in the distance? Running marathons? Torturing those near and dear with this obsession to play a half-decent round of golf?

One piece of advice …

I like quotes as ‘advice’. Here are some of my favourites.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Madiba (Nelson Mandela)

Relationships are like investments. Over time, they earn compound interest.  – Naval Ravikant.

For more about Gaylin, find her on LinkedIn.

Until next time.

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