Meet the Team: Adele McNicholl

Welcome to our second installment of Meet the Team.

Ready to get to know our next team member?

Associate Adele McNicholl is an affable, attentive, and highly dependable professional who brings a sincere and warm presence to the team. She generously shares valuable insights and lessons from her extensive experience in recruitment, which spans diverse industries.

So, here are the questions we asked her…

  1. Tell us about you – how long have you been in recruiting and what is your focus?

I’ve been in recruitment for nearly 16 years and I’d say my niche is Commercial/HR/Finance/Business Support sectors ranging from entry level through to Senior Manager/Lead/Head of.

  1. Why did you join Round

Having focused on Commercial recruitment for a while, I felt it was time for a new challenge and the opportunity at Round arose.  It felt like the perfect opportunity as mirrored what I’ve been doing, offered a new challenge, and afforded some work-life balance with a young family.

  1. What is a crazy thing that you love to do? 

I love to watch crime documentaries and horror movies, but then I’ll be out walking the dog in the evening or even early morning and get completely freaked out remembering them and be convinced someone is out to get me!  (And sprint home!)

  1. What a habit, belief or behaviour has really improved your life? 

To always find a positive in every situation even if it’s the smallest one to start with, it will grow.   

  1. What is your one piece of advice for recruiters?

Always have honest conversations from the start, keep everybody in the loop as things change, and treat people with the same respect you would want yourself or any family member/friend to be treated.

Valuable guidance for recruiters Adele, an optimistic outlook in every situation goes a long way.

Here’s a testimonial from Olivia:

‘I honestly can’t recommend Adele enough, after I’d spent a couple of months searching myself as a recruiter, Adele found me the best opportunity and after only a couple of days in the job I can safely say that I’m very happy! She really took my opinions and what I was looking for into account instead of just suggesting any role it was very well thought out, hands down the best recruiter experience I have had! Thanks again Adele.’

-Olivia Burgan-

To find out more about Adele, find her on LinkedIn here.

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